We are offering an opportunity for people that could benefit from owing an Alpaca, but do not have the facilities or knowledge to look after one themselves. The benefits of owning an Alpaca could be financially and enjoyably rewarding. A female Alpaca would be purchased by us for the person and kept in our herd and looked after as one of our own. All husbandry tasks would be carried out by us and mating and birthing would be taken care of. When Cria are born there will be an option to sale. Once weaned, the Cria may be kept and the female may be sold, or both may be kept enabling the person to build up their own herd. In return, we would charge a livery fee and any additional cost, e.g. vets fees. As a client, we would be happy for you to visit the Alpaca and Cria at any time and have as much or as little input as required.

This is how we would help you:

  • We will supply or source the pregnant female Alpaca on your behalf.
  • Arrange insurance if required.
  • Help you join the British Alpaca Society.
  • Rebreed her when the time comes.
  • The option when the Cria are born.
  • Sale Cria when weaned.
  • If a female Cria is born, then keep Cria and sale the Mother.
  • Or keep both and begin to build own herd.
  • Or sale both.

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