If you have always liked alpacas but don’t have the space or the time to commit to own one, or would like to give some one special an unusual present then why not adopt an alpaca.

How it works –

. You will receive a certificate and photo of your alpaca
. Four visits for you to spend time with your alpaca for the years adoption
. You will also receive 10% discount on any alpaca products purchased during your visits

Cost of adoption £30 per year please call 07758 247 118

We can also organise farm visits, these can be individual or group visits . We also attend talks at local groups e.g WI groups, crafts groups etc the cost for us coming to your group to talk for an hour is £25, again please call for more information.

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Contact Shani Payne

Email - shanipayne@hotmail.co.uk
Mobile - 07758 247 118


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